Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Juris Doctor

     Admitted: US Supreme Court

     Admitted: US Patent Office

     Admitted: State of Minnesota

I have interfaced between Americans and Asians for more than 45 years. While my career has been centered around technology transfer, licensing, and joint venturing ( now called sourcing), communication problems were daily occurrences.


China is a difficult place in which to do business, and in which an increasing number of small and medium sized businesses (SME's) are finding it necessary to enter. Chinese are members of an ancient civilization that is entirely different from the Western civilization of America. In each civilization there are numerous cultures. These differences can create enormous communication problems. And, communication is the essential bridge in making business deals work. Communication is not accomplished via language alone. Over the past 45 years, most of which as spent traveling and working in various countries of Asia, I developed communication techniques to increase the probability that more thorough communication was achieved.


Lately, there has been a dramatic influx of SME’s entering the China environment. Unfortunately, many of these SME’s are experiencing communication problems, often resulting in serious disputes, disputes that threaten the very existence of the SME’s investment. Lawyers in China are expensive and while adept at handling pure legal matters, may not be adept at handling root cause, basic dispute handling. Settling disputes quickly and efficiently, in an environment sensitive to civilizational differences, is essential to maintaining the profitability of the business at hand. Disputes must be settled before they escalate into litigation or arbitration in which the business relations most probably fail.


Some time ago, I handled arbitration before the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. The lesson learned was that it would not be a forum for an SME to use to handle a dispute with a Chinese company. By the time a business dispute would escalate to need such a forum for resolution, the business deal would have long since failed. Thus, it is absolutely necessary for deals in China to succeed that disputes be handled before they fester into irreconcilable differences.


My 45 years of in the trenches, front line dealings with Asians qualifies me to handle disputes and resolve differences for mutual benefit, thereby insuring the long term interests of SME’s in China. And, my considerable experience in doing business in China with Chinese enables me to provide fast and efficient help in accomplishing success in most business requirements.


I look forward to being of service to you.